Monday, July 16, 2012


“The power of holiness has deteriorated among us, compared to what it was a generation ago!
When Josiah came to the crown he found Judah crumbling to pieces; yet because his heart was turned to God, and prepared to walk before Him, God accepted Josiah's plea for a people under arrest and at the prison door. Their safety was linked to the ruler's life, for soon after Josiah died the nation tumbled into ruin again 2 Kings 23:25-27.
When Martin Luther foresaw the black clouds of God's judgment coming toward Germany he told friends that he would do his best to keep it from falling in his lifetime; and he believed that it would not. But he concluded, "When I am gone, let them that come after me look to it."
The power of holiness has deteriorated among us, compared to what it was a generation ago! Christianity runs unclean and full of dregs, murky and unholy among professing believers in Christ. And we know God will not put up with it much longer. If Egypt knows a drought is coming by the low ebbing of the Nile, surely we can see judgment hovering by the fall of the power of godliness.
We hear many people mourning for what they have lost-- some for the lives of friends in war, others for their wealth and possessions. But the group, who must claim first place among mourners are churchgoers who have forfeited their compassion for Christ, His truth, worship, fellow servants, and their holy walk before God and man.
We are a people redeemed from countless dangers and deaths. It is a poor time for a rescued man to start stealing and cheating again, as soon as the rope is cut from his neck. Surely it added to Noah's sin to be drunk almost as soon as he had safely landed on shore, after he had seen the whole earth sinking before his eyes. Here was the one righteous man God had left to plant His world again with a godly seed.”
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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