Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vision Birthed From the Heart of God

We talk a lot about Vision in the Church, in business, in day to day following Jesus and in politics today.

When you are around people with a clear vision they have certain qualities that are appealing to other people.

People with a clear Vision from God are focused on the Goals of God's heart, they are full of faith that the Vision will come to pass, they have hope even when things do not look the way they had hoped, they have a positive influence on those around them that the Vision is within reach and as a result others buy into the vision.

This comes not just from vision casting or sharing the vision but from the fruit or impact the Vision has on the vision bearer. When the Vision is fresh and alive it brings freshness and life. When the Vision is dim, contrived or is lacking in vitality it is hard for someone to follow it or the person bearing it. I have noticed that hope springs from vision and vision from faith or belief that what is not yet is what can be.

Faith is the key to vision. There are a lot of people who live in fear and doubt and who are always looking for or are wandering around seeking someone or something to give them hope. They are in need of a healthy relationship with God. He is the giver of life, a life that flows continually to those who are in an ongoing relationship with Him.

Today, we are tempted to have a fast food version of our relationship with God, when what we really need is a time of restful feeding on the green grass of His Word and of drinking from the still water of His Spirit, of letting Him minister to us by talking with us and calling us by name, and of letting him rub His healing ointment into the hurts and bruises we receive from everyday life. When we do this and do it again and again we find the life, hope and vision that inspire others to see in us a glimpse of Him. This glimpse of Him, what He is and wants to do, generates loyalty and passion for the Vision He has given us. People follow a vision when they can see hope and faith alive, not when it is a part of the latest promotion or idea, which gets pounded endlessly into their information pathways.
When they see vision which has come from faith and hope alive in someone it gives them a reason to seek God for themselves and in the building of their relationship with God they gain faith, hope and His vision for them.

The Bible uses the imagery of trees bearing fruit as an outward demonstration of His life flowing through us to produce the fruit of the Spirit, which is the true mark of His life within. Jesus in John 15 speaks about the need for the branches to stay connected to the vine if they are to have His life which produces vision. When we have a healthy ongoing relationship with Him we make it possible for people to get a glimpse of Him.

We have a choice; we can allow others to get a glimpse of Him which brings faith and leads to vision or a glimpse of us without Him, which will lead the people to not have hope or a purpose and then they will wander aimlessly.

Faith birthed in the revelation of God's desire and design is the key to vision. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of the things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen,” NASB revised version.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free School of Supernatural Living Registration

Hello followers of Jesus, Prayer Warriors, Revivalist and Faith Revolutionaries!

Please accept this invitation to Register for our 1st online class in our Abba's Glory School of Supernatural Living beginning August 3rd. Register at

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Today's 'One:One' Twitter concept. "A Life of Passionate Participation in God is the living and daily inheritance of each born again believer."