Sunday, April 24, 2005

The River Of Life Flows Freely

Today's evidence that the river of life is flowing is seen in two new and distinct streams which are becoming more evident as the growth of these two groups of believers becomes more widely realized.
The first group is the Emerging Church Movement and the second is the New Apostolic Movement.
It appears at first glance that the Emerging Church is a new manifestation or has similarities to many of the older denominational and Evangelical streams of the River of God.
The New Apostolic Movement is a new manifestation of or seems similar to the Pentecostal, Charismatic stream of the River of God. I say this because when you examine the two groups there are qualities they display which match up with these groups. This is not to say that there is a direct historical or doctrinal connection, but only to observe that there is more of a supernatural focus to the New Apostolic group and a more liturgical and scripture alone character to the Emergent Church group. There are also similarities between these two groups which we will look at in future articles. The key elements which are seen from a quick glance at these groups are, a deep hunger for the values, relationships, teachings and demonstrations of God's power present among the original believers or followers of Jesus.

I saw a sign the other day advertising one church as being like the Ancient Church. My questions was 'how ancient?' Were they book of Acts ancient, 3rd century ancient, or middle ages ancient? The sign speaks to the real issue at hand for believers. In progressing into the postmodern and beyond have we lost what being followers of Jesus is all about? It is these elements which many believe to be lacking in the majority of churches today. It is also these very things which are listed among the reasons many have dropped out of Church or have become unhappy with their church. Is your church missing a fresh and authentic imprint of God's life? Are you happy with your Church? If you answer no to either of these, I want to challenge you to become part of the solution and become an authentic Christian. Start by submitting yourself to God.

Read again the Gospels and other New Testament writings and look for what you are missing. Once you find it pass it on! That is how the early church turned its world upside down! The new wine, it is available to every believer in every church, culture and generation. Why not start a renewal movement right were you are!

Friday, April 22, 2005

He is the Way at Turning Points

We often encounter turning points in life. When we come to these turning points we are tempted to waver or we have our faith and hope challenged. In the Old Testament when the people of God encountered overwhelming enemies or situations where their faith and hope were challenged there is a consistent pattern of victory in these times and a pattern that leads to defeat. The pattern for victory includes calling out to God while humbling oneself and even calling the nation to times of fasting and humbling themselves before God. Those who did so out of an honest and contrite or repentant heart received the victory. They were given God’s solution or plan. Within this victory or plan there are two key elements; God timing and God’s strategy.When we come to such turning points or crises in our lives these principles work for us today. We must humble ourselves and call out to God. When we do, we can expect him to bring us the answer we need by His strategy and in His time. Queen Ester’s story is one example of following this pattern to victory.King Saul on the other hand did not follow this pattern, but took things into his own hands and lost not only the battle but his kingdom.

Today, if you are at a turning point, humble yourself (fasting is a way to do that), call out to God and He will hear your voice and give you the victory with His strategy and His timing!

Friday, April 01, 2005


Hello and thanks, to all those who have served as catalyst in my life to setup this Blog. Your encouragement, urging and exhortations have born fruit.
I am captivated by the unfolding wonder and mystery of God’s work among His people in our day and in every generation of believers since Jesus came and began to establish His kingdom on the earth through this group of people who are identified as followers of Jesus the Messiah or the Christ. I will use a variety of terms to describe this group of people. The term ‘Church’ will only be used when the context allows for a clear understanding of what we are discussing. This is necessary because the term ‘Church’ has come to mean something lifeless, useless and corrupt in the minds of many people.

The hope that you and I hold is that this Blog will become a useful tool in equipping those who have and will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and who hunger for the promises of His Word to be fulfilled in them through the working of His Spirit. Part of the vision for this Equippers Network is to have people from multiple streams of the Body of believers contributing to the discussion either directly or through links to what they have to contribute.

The promises God has made are not for a select few, but for all who will call on Him and give their life to Him. This Blog is a place to learn, to consider what is contributed and interact with each other concerning the understandings and insights God is giving each one for the benefit of us all.It is my hope that it will also serve as a catalyst to those who read it to press into God and get all that He has for them.

I would like us all to adopt the attitude and response of the people of Berea as described in Acts 17:11-12.11 And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul's message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to check up on Paul and Silas, to see if they were really teaching the truth. 12 As a result, many Jews believed, as did some of the prominent Greek women and many men.From the N L T.

If you want to offer a differing point of view or have something to add to the discussion please do so in a constructive, positive manner and please support your position with scripture.THIS BLOG IS NOT A PLACE TO DEBATE, ARGUE OR ACCUSE ONE ANOTHER!

In closing this first Post I want to again thank all who have encouraged me to start this Blog. Send your friends to read it at