Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Open Letter From James B. Richards

The following letter is Jim's response to my response to his book and teachings on Anatomy of a Miracle.


Thank you. It is very kind of you to do so.

Please understand, I have no problem with how you feel about this book. If, however, you want to know the scriptural basis for what I have said, or if you really desire to have healthy dialog about the results or outcome of this project, I will be more than glad to be open and forthright with you. But I’m not interested in “fighting” or having conflict. There is too much to do for the Kingdom for either of us to get derailed. I am interested in reaching the part of the world that the church is not reaching… and as I said, I do that very effectively. Otherwise, we will just agree to hold differing views and leave it at that.

I extend to you an open invitation to ask me anything you desire to ask me about my beliefs, or what I have said or why I have said it. If I find I am in the wrong, repentance will be the pathways for healing and revelation. I am never interested in holding my view to the exclusion of what God’s Word is seeking to reveal.

Please understand, I deliberately did not give scripture and verse for everything I said. I figured believers would look them up, or knowledgeable believers would recognize what was being said without the reference. I knew that non-believers would close the book and never get to the end goal, of seeing God, the Creator of all things as the only source of life. As a former street evangelist, crusade preacher and life-time personal soul winner, I have found that I have to find the common ground, and use familiar terminology, just as Paul did, before I can get them to open their hearts and minds.

Be blessed. However much we may disagree, I respect that you have passion!

Jim Richards

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Response to James Richards

Dear James

I have read your response and yes I will post it. I will also post a response. Since I just got in and it is late I would like to point out a few things in this response from you.

1. My review of your book in no way is a personal attack on you or your ministry; it is an analysis of the teaching of the book and the video streaming seminar.

2. Your previous writings seem biblical and from my research about you and your ministry you have had a good reputation until the publishing of this book. You also seem to be a very intelligent person.

3. I have not claimed that you do not believe in "First of all and most importantly, contrary to what you have written, I believe on and preach Jesus as Lord and Savior. I believe in the finished work of the cross. I believe in salvation through faith in the risen Lord.

4. Although you claim now not to have special knowledge your teachings indicate you do and it is not that hard to see.

5. You have taken the writings of others from outside the Bible and used them in a way that to the uninformed seem harmless even wise. When you say you have never done this it seems absurd after reading your book.

6. No, I did not contact you as your writings and teaching should stand for them self and not need an argument or discussion to be explained. If so then as a teacher you have failed.

7. Yes biblically we have the right to speak up when someone is teaching a message that might confuse and hinder the work of God in a believer’s life. I believe I have made it clear why and how I disagree with your teaching in this area.

8 Yes we should use language that people today understand and that faithfully represents the original tongue of the Biblical writers.

9. It is not the word intention that is the problem but the teaching that surrounds it.

10. I stand by “The author parts from the whole teaching of Bible on sin, the Word of God, the role of God's power in man's life and righteousness. By so doing he lifts up humanism (man's ability or potential is exalted) and God's redemptive work pushed to the side.” You do address these issues at various places in your spoken and written material. I suggest you reread your own book and listen to your own teachings. You:
O Redefine sin, removing God from the equation as being offended by sin... “Don’t ever think about sin as ‘these are the bad things, these are the wrong things;’ think about things as ‘these are the self-destructive things.’”
O Redefine ‘logos’ as not being the written Word of God, but rather “concepts…logic…the way God works…creative ideas based on Scriptural principles” (This inserts much elasticity in the Word that affords much room for “new” interpretation.)
O Redefine righteousness… “Righteousness…is when things are as they should be…Righteousness is a state of being where things are as they should be…Being happy is righteous because that’s how it should be.” (Many unsaved people are quite happy in their sin-based lives, but their happiness certainly does not reflect any righteousness before God!)
o The overall effect of all the redefining you do moves man to the center and God to the background.

11. Your exaltation of the ideas and principles which are cornerstones to new agers puts you in a place of supporting the elevation of man without the clear word that our elevation is in Him (Christ) and through Him alone, not because of these so called laws.

12. You say "I probable preach a much stronger message about the issues of man’s fall, the effects of sin and man’s need for righteousness, through the finished work of Jesus than you have ever heard. It is the corner stone of everything I preach concerning man, his capacity for knowing God and experiencing eternal life."

You have no idea what I have or have not heard or believe. You may want to read my blogs and web sites before you make any assertions as to these matters, as I have done concerning you.
If these are cornerstone issues for you may want to redig those wells again.

You say Jesus paraphrased scriptural truth into parables and concepts, usually about nature, that the people could conceptualize, thereby turning them to God! It actuality he clearly interpreted the meaning of these truths so that people understood them accurately.

13. Your statement
Ø “You know what? When I’m preaching…so many times I hear what people are thinking. For real! I’m hearing all these voices…..”
This is not a word of knowledge or wisdom nor does it fit with any Biblical gift.

14. According to your statement, "You say these laws that operate in this world, the laws of physics, and the natural laws are of the devil.
I never said that. So you may want to reread what I said. What I said is and I will expand it for you, 'these so called laws are the foundational teachings of the new age cosmic consciousness crowd and not Biblical teaching.'

15. You said, "I don’t know if you mean well, or if you are just a mean-hearted legalist that attacks everything he doesn’t understand. But, if you actually care to know, let’s get this down to the bottom line: I wrote a book about the laws of nature that have operated from the beginning. I explained how people could operate in these laws whether they were or were not saved and I gently pointed people to the proactive love of our Creator. "

If you asked 1000 people who know me from around the world in my 35 years of Ministry they would laugh out loud at the thought of me being a legalist or attacking things I disagree with. In fact many would say that I am so in love with the move of God that I am encouraged by any sign God is on the move.

Ask any new age teacher about being in harmony with these laws, they are part and parcel of their teachings, and O you don't need Jesus to be in Harmony with the laws according to the New Agers. Read Echart Tolle for a start.

16. You say, you (me) will also repent publically of the places you took liberty with your judgments and assumptions. Feel free to clearly state that you disagree with this book. But if you are a man of integrity you will retract your attacks on my beliefs. You will admit that you addressed issues that were totally outside of the scope of this one book and that you actually have no knowledge of what I believe.

I clearly stated that the comments were both about the book and the streaming video teaching.
I stand by my evaluation of these issues and challenge you to have a non biased well informed Spirit filled leader from outside of your own group read your writing and listen to your streaming video to assist you in communicating the message you claim to want to communicate.

17. You say, "
I’m sorry if my book offends you. But I promise you this. While you are busy arguing over your doctrinal struggles (which I can respect if you have the integrity to follow scriptural rules for communication and honesty), I will be reaching people that you will never reach and they will come to Jesus, and fall in love with God!"

I am grieved that a gifted teacher like yourself has been so misled as to what they have said and how it is could be impacting the move of God among people in our day.

I will rejoice if you reach more people with the power and grace of God.
It would be helpful if the teachings in this book are not a part of that outreach as the mixing of the pure Word of God and the pure power and gifts of God with such blatantly New age non Biblical teaching will corrupt the good seed you sow