Monday, July 30, 2012

Answers to Evolution On sale

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Answers to Evolution package of 10 pamphlets only $10 plus shipping and tax.
Responses to Darwinism in the Classroom
Almost every middle school and high school student is required to study evolution two or three times. The science textbooks used in most public schools teach that Darwin's theory of evolution is basically correct and should be accepted without question. 
This pamphlet, Answers to Evolution, is based on actual California public school biology textbooks. The pamphlet answers each argument point by point. Excellent for students to use when writing science reports and papers. Written for youth in a clear, concise way.
Teach your youth group ways to respectfully point out errors in Darwinism. Give them dozens of quotes from respected scientists to prove their points. Help them to see that adaptations in birds'beaks and moth wing colors do not prove that evolution is a fact. Click here to Order

These questions are covered in the pamphlet: 
Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution a fact?
Is there any proof that evolution happened?
What is the Big Bang Theory?
Is the Big Bang Theory good news or bad news for the theory of evolution?
Can molecules of non-living matter be transformed by a natural process into the organic building blocks of life (proteins)?
Does the Miller-Urey experiment prove that organic life can be built by a natural process?
Do all scientists accept Darwin's theory of evolution at the cell level?
Do the changes in Galapagos finch beaks, or changes caused through selective breeding, prove that evolution takes place?
Does the fossil record support Darwin's theory?
What is the "Cambrian Explosion" and does it prove Darwin's theory?
Was there a gradual transition of an ape to man or the Eohippus (primordial horse) to the modern horse?
What is punctuated equillibrium and does it solve the problem of "missing links"?

Pamphlet size: 5.5" x 8.5" Fits inside a Bible cover. Unfolds to 33" long.

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