Thursday, October 17, 2013

Politics, Bullies and Manipulators:

If you can pull yourself back emotionally you will see that some politicians and leaders use these tactics while acting like victims. 

They accuse others of the very tactics they use and proclaim self righteously that these tactics are wrong. They use name calling and act like they really care about the very people being mistreated by them..
The question is will we see it the next time they try it and will we stand against the darkness?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Revealing our heart and interactions with the king of the universe

Psalms in God’s Presence: Through Songs and Prayers.
The Rose Publishing pamphlet, “Psalms in God’s Presence,” reveals an unbridled passion for God and Life. It is an open door to our thoughts, transparently revealing our mind, will and emotions as we engage God in daily life. It is as if God was saying that he prefers relationship with us above all else. The good, the bad, and the ugly in our hearts is exposed in the context of our relationship to our creator and heavenly father.
"Psalms in God’s Presence" is concise as it examines the background and content of the psalms. Their content, structure and even their revelation of Jesus are clearly laid out. In what is a most helpful section, the author examines the different approaches to reading the Psalms. These include devotionally, theologically and in community. 
While all of these elements are useful, there is no greater truth revealed than through the personal interaction between God and David. These demonstrate that we too can have an open and intimate walk with God and that God desires a relationship with us in all of life’s circumstances.