Monday, July 09, 2012

God's Top Quality

God's Most Spoken of quality
I am reminded constantly that the one quality of God mentioned most in the Old testament is His faithfulness. As people we do not have a perfect understanding of Him or His ways so we often try to impose our thinking on others to get what we want or to gain power and influence for ourselves. This is why there are so many different ministries and churches, many well meaning but imperfect people attempting to please God.

I have found that when I cannot seem to make anything happen I need to back off be gracious and let God work things out. When we stand before him it will not be the miracles, our power, our influence, the things people say about us, our house, our car our job that God will primarily be concerned about. He will be concerned with our faithfulness to Him no matter what our circumstances. People want God to do the miraculous and He does many times but I believe it is on His schedule and not ours. So while I teach and believe in the Supernatural work of God I must be a faithful steward in the least of life's activities and relationships's if He is to say well done thou good and faithful servant!

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