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FREE Faith of America's Founders PDF

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Here are the best quotes about God, country, and the Bible, from important people who shaped our nation. With so many contemporary public voices dictating conflicting versions of America's spiritual and political foundations, it's good to be reminded of the words and actions of some of America's founders.
  • George Washington
  • William Bradford
  • Abigail Adams
  • John Adams
  • The Supreme Court of United States of America
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Daniel Webster
  • and many more founding fathers and mothers
Perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day/4th of July, Veterans Day, and the National Day of Prayer (first Thursday of every May). There are plenty of quotes from America's Founding Fathers, the patriots who spoke often of their dependence on the Lord. America's Founders wrote and spoke about their personal faith and many of them clearly wanted to create a nation based on Christian principles and hoped that this might be a Christian nation. Learn what the founding fathers and mothers had to say about their dependence on God. Fascinating quotations will inspire us to understand their vision and enthusiasm.

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