Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Equippers Network Family of Blogs

A Family of Blogs designed to help accomplish His Vision in your life.
The Equippers Network Family of Blogs is a major part of the Equippers Network mission. 'Empowering churches, Individual believers, Market place and Ministry leaders to fulfill God's heart in the earth today according to Ephesians 4:11 -13
1. Fulfill their call to release the Life of Jesus among the people of the earth.
2. Build up fellow believers/followers of Jesus.
3. Encourage and assist believers to grow into maturity, reaching the full stature of Christ.'
The Equippers Network exists to help you fulfill God's calling and to minister His revolutionary life today. The Equippers Network is a resource for Chritians who are experiencing a dramatic change in the ideas and practice of being Church today as we seek to fulfill God's plan to make disciples of all people groups.
George Barna states in Growing True Disciples; "We need to be igniting and nurturing people’s passion for God and get out of their way.” Those with a unique Vision, those who are called by God need continuous mentoring and training if they are to be sent forth as radical believers, healthy people of the Spirit who are focused on accomplishing what Jesus has called them to at all cost.
The Equippers Network vision is to mend, equip, train, mentor and release people into cutting edge Spirit led ministry that flows from God's heart. My passion is to help believers fulfill to the fullest measure God's Call on their life by Coaching and Training them as God works in them, so that they can fulfill Ephesians 4:12-13 to:
1. Birth, Develop and Mature the calling or assignment God has given them vision for.
2. Build up believers by means of connecting them with others who are seeking to fulfill God’s vision for their life.
3. Bring believers to Maturity as passionate followers of Jesus the Messiah by means of Relational Discipleship, Coaching, Mentoring, and Hands on Training and Teaching.
God the Great Creator has given us the His unique ability to create and have the vision to create ministry. These Creative Visions for Ministries flow from His calling in the believer’s life and all that he has created us to uniquely be by His grace and power working in us.
Below is The Equippers Network family of Blogs:
Equippers Network This site has teachings, exhortations and book reviews.
Equippers Edge This site offers materials for leaders within the Equippers Network.
Equippers Tool Box This site reviews books, music and other resources and suggest materials for leaders so that they might more effectively be used of Jesus today.
Equipper's Blog Speaking Light To Those Who Follow Jesus, So that they can be a part of What He is doing In The Earth Today.
The Equipper's Resume This Blog tells "My Story". It is about the opportunities I have had to serve, to lead, to learn and make a living along the way.
It is all ‘By His Grace’
The Equipper