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The Equippers Network is a ministry of Abba's Glory Inc, at  http://www.abbasglory.com/

Our Mission is to Equip You for a Life of Passionate Participation in God. 

We use a variety of Internet and Social Media to accomplish our calling. Our Equippers Network of Blogs are designed to Empower you to Fulfill Your Call as a part of what Jesus is doing in the earth today. 

Take a look at our blogs, daily Devotional and Free Two Year Bible School and sign up for our twitter feed.

Our Web Site.
Abba's Glory: www.abbasglory.com

Our Blogs

1. Equippers Network: http://equippersnetwork.blogspot.com
Teaching and challenging articles for Christians

2. Equippers Tool Box: http://equipperstoolbox.blogspot.com
Books and resources for Christians

3. Equippers Resume: http://equippersresume.blogspot.com
My Story along with gifts and personality profiles

4. Abba's Glory Institute A Free two year Bible School

Our Facebook and Twitter Connections

On FaceBook

1. Abba;s Glory FB Page 

2. The Passionate Participation in God's Project offers a daily devotional     

 On Twitter: Daily inspirational tweets at https://twitter.com/Equipper