Saturday, September 17, 2016

Keep the Fire of the Spirit Burning Bright

The fire of the Spirit must not be allowed to go out in our lives!
We who are friends of God must continually seek to know His heart and be focused on His presence. 
We must ask:
1. Is His pillar of fire (which represents His presence and glory) standing still or preparing to move? 
2. Are we more concerned with His laws, precepts and ways than our ideas on how to further His work among us?
3. Do we diligently seek Him though prayer, His Word and passionate worship throughout our day?
4. When we lay down at night are we open to His Spirit speaking to us in dreams, visions and should He desire awaken us with direction to pray, seek Him in His Word or just quiet ourselves so that we might hear Him speak?
5. Our ways are not His and as a result our wisdom on any issue must align with and be shaped by His Word and Ways!

Presented by Abba's Glory