Saturday, January 14, 2012


“Because He loves you, He will recall your ration of power if it takes you out of fellowship with Him.
If your heart is not set in the right direction when you appeal for deliverance, strength will not come. Ask yourself these questions when you feel shut off from God's power.
Am I really trusting God, and Him only, to meet my need? Or am I depending on my own resolve, my pastor, or some other outside source? All these things may be good, but they are only Christ's servants. Press through them to the Master Himself. Touch Him-- and deliverance is yours.
Am I thankful for the strength I have? In a long-distance race, the contestants run at varying paces. Perhaps you are discouraged when you see so many strong ones pass you on the way to glory. Rather than cry after them, be thankful that you have the strength to run at all! Are you in the race? It is by God's gace and that alone; thank Him for the privilege. Remember this: Everyone (even the weakest saint) who finishes the race is a winner.
Has my pride stopped the flow of God's power? God will not keep supplying power if you use it for your own advancement. He knows how quickly you are carried away from Him on the wings of your pride. Because He loves you, He will recall your ration of power if it takes you out of fellowship with Him. All this He does for your own good, so that when your pride lies gasping, you will be forced back to Him.
God may call you to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds. Perhaps nothing that has been said answers your particular case. Your heart is clean before God; you have sincerely and prayerfully waited, yet God withholds His hand. Then you must resolve to live and die waiting, for that may be what He requires. What greater evidence of your faith and of God's grace at work in you than to persevere to the end!”
WOW! Once again I find no way to shorten the book’s teaching without weakening the lessons taught!
'The Christian in Complete Armour daily devotional by Gurnall and Bell.

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