Saturday, January 28, 2012


“Perhaps you are a parent with a family under your wing. They fare much as you do.
One of Satan's favorite maneuvers is the surprise attack. Imagine the confusion in a town if an alarm suddenly sounded in the dead of night, signaling the enemy was already at the gates-- but all the soldiers were home in bed. What turmoil would ensue! One hunts his pants, another his sword, a third does not know what to do for ammunition. Thus in utter chaos they run up and down, spreading panic-- which could never happen if the enemy had found them upon their guard. A similar uproar will occur if you do not keep your spiritual armor on. You will be feverishly searching for this grace and that when you should have already reported to Christ for active duty.
Not only are active graces necessary for your own protection, but also for the help and comfort of other Christians. Paul had this in mind when he disciplined himself to keep a good conscience so as not to be a scandal to other believers. He knew that the cowardice of one may make others run; that the ignorance of another may do mischief to many. How often has the waywardness of a saint seduced a fellow Christian to leave the narrow path for the broad road that leads to destruction? This is among the gravest of errors for we are commanded to do just the opposite! God told the Reubenites and the Gadites to go before their brethren armed for battle, until the land was conquered. Thus you are to assist your fellow brethren who may not have the same measure of grace or comfort as you. Help such weak ones; be their shield bearer. This you will not be able to do unless your own grace is exercised, your armor buckled on.
Perhaps you are a parent with a family under your wing. They fare much as you do. If your heart is feasting on Christ, you will never find yourself in short supply when caring for their spiritual needs. On the other hand, if your own heart is malnourished, they will go hungry for spiritual food.”
So very well said! We live in a world where people are much like those in the book of judges, which says, “Everyone did that which is right in there own eyes.” When our eyes are firmly fixed on God and His word we are much more likely to be a help to and not a hindrance to those around us who also need the grace, wisdom and strength God provides.
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S. Bell

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