Monday, January 16, 2012


"You were without Christ, you were aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise" (Ephesians 2:12).
“A person in a Christless, graceless state is naked and unarmed-- totally unequipped to fight sin and Satan.” In the beginning, God sent Adam out in clothed in the glory of God, or the Armor of light. (Genesis 3:7). Satan used Adam and Eve’s desire to be like God and please Him to deceive them. Had they stopped and talked about it or enquired of the Lord they would have realized that they were already Like Him, and created in His likeness.
The results of their disobedience which is sin came as they realizedthey were no longer clothed in His glory and now had become like Satan who knew good and evil first hand by experience, unlike God who knew only good by experience for evil is the opposite of God’s nature and being. The Word says there is no darkness in Him. They compounded things by fleeing in fear instead of running to God for mercy and forgiveness. Fear is Satan’s greatest weapon as it causes us to know our guilt and to run from the source of light and goodness instead of running to Him. Fear is rooted in the reality that we are guilty which when we realize we have no way to escape in our own power causes us to seek someone else to blame, condemn and to deflect guilt away from ourselves. This is seen in Adam and Eve’s behavior in Genesis chapter three. This behavior so permeates our world that it can be seen in children, and is on display regularly in our political leaders.
“If you are not a kingdom child, you have no more to do with any covenant promise than a citizen of Rome has to do with the charter of London. You are alone in the world, without God. If you get into trouble, you must plead your own case. But if you are a citizen of heaven, God has power to grant you special immunity in any situation. And while the devil's spite is directed toward you, he dare not come upon God's ground to touch you without permission.”
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Artwork by William Hallmark

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