Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Christian's Call to Courage

"Who among us has not learned from his own experience that it requires another spirit than the world can give to follow Christ fully?"  by William Gurnall
Orpah in Ruth 1:14 was one example. Many of the people who followed Moses out of Egypt grew tired of the journey quickly and as an old Keith Green song said they longed for the leeks and garlic they had in captivity. Just as WG points out there are many who profess Christ and so few who are actually Christians. There are also many who go into life daily ready to battle the world, the flesh and Satan but few who arrive at the end of the day victorious.
Hardship is a part of everyone's life at some point and we who follow Jesus must request of God that He give us 'holy determination and bravery' or we cannot be the overcomer that we profess or even hope to be.
" The fearful are these who march toward hell Revelation 21:8, the valiant are those take heaven by force, Matthew 11:12.
We must dare to be holy in spite of people, the world around us and any demonic forces which may be at work. 
Remember the Armor of God in Ephesian 6 is not a fanciful picture or illustration but the equipment given us to fight the good fight so that we may become overcomers!
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