Tuesday, January 10, 2012


“But if you conclude finally that God cannot pardon or save, cannot come to your rescue, this shoots faith through the heart.
Without God's strength, you cannot stand in the hour of testing. The challenge is beyond the stretch of human fortitude.
When you are in the midst of testing, do not give up in despair. Unless your soul flatly denies the power of God, this courier-- faith-- will beat a well-worn path to the throne. Doubt cripples but does not incapacitate faith. Indeed, even as you are disputing the mercy of God and questioning in your mind whether He will come to your rescue, faith will make its way, if haltingly, into His presence. And the message it delivers will be, "If you will, you can make me clean."
The one who abandons faith in the midst of a spiritual drought can be compared to the fool who throws away his pitcher the first day the well is dry.
It has ever been and always will be the Father's will that we trust only Him. He insists we place our confidence in Him. That child is wise who does as his father bids.”

Jesus said that if our faith was the size of the small mustard seed we could move mountains. Do not look down on a small measure of faith, but act with the faith you have and run to the father. He will provide the hope you need in the hour of testing!

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