Sunday, July 11, 2010

SOLITUDE, the Secret Place of Power With God!

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The creation of an open, empty space in our lives by purposefully abstaining from interaction with other human beings, so that, freed from competing loyalties, we can be found by God.

The Gospels tell us that Jesus’ very public ministry was interspersed with periods of solitude during which He, either completely by Himself or with the disciples, left the crowds behind to pray. These times of solitude appeared to nourish Jesus for those times when He was in the public eye. He began His ministry with forty days in the desert, just after He was baptized. And He continued the practice of going off alone to pray, often just at the times when His ministry seemed to demand the most from Him.
Solitude is not about becoming a hermit or misanthrope. Indeed, times of solitude can enhance our times of fellowship with others. Neither is solitude loneliness. It is time spent with God. Put this way, it sounds so natural, yet for most of us this time does not just happen. One of the keys to the definition above is the phrase “the creation of an open, empty space.” We must work to create this space, to “purposefully” withdraw even when—especially when—it seems that we have no time to do so. We can all learn from Jesus’ example and take time to focus on our relationship with God, replenishing and nourishing ourselves for busy lives. The material below is from,"A Year With God," by Richard Foster
Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while. —Mark 6:31
Day 186 Spiritual Practice: Withdrawing to a Deserted Place
Day 187 The Tent of Meeting
Day 188 Wrestling With God
Day 189 Spending the Night in Prayer
Day 190 Hide Yourself
Day 191 I Alone Am Left
Day 192 I Sat Alone
Day 193 He Is With Me
Day 194 Yet I Am Not Alone
Day 195 Opening Ourselves
Day 196 Spiritual Practice: Retreat with God
Day 197 In the Wilderness
Day 198 I Will Bring Her Into the Wilderness
Day 199 Shaping the Soul
Day 200 The Crowds Were Looking for Jesus
Day 201 Rising Early to Pray
Day 202 Come Away and Rest a While
Day 203 I Went Away at Once
Day 204 Preparation Time
Day 205 Down From the Mountaintop

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