Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Lord Prays for His Own

Discover 'Our Lord Prays for His Own: Thoughts on John 17,’ by Marcus Rainsford.

This is the Real Lord's Prayer and is a must read for every believer in Jesus! You will find out why what we call the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 is really the disciples prayer taught to us by Jesus. This is a deep and masterful study knitting together scripture from throughout the Bible related to this prayer of Jesus, as He gets ready to die and be raised from the dead.

This book gives you deep and often eloquent insight into Jesus’ teaching concerning Himself and the Father as well as, the believer’s relationship to them and their role in the ongoing work of God in the earth.

There is a biography of the author’s spiritual and earthly life at the beginning of the book. This provides inspiration that here is a man of God who practices a life of intimacy with God, His Word and His Presence. Rainsford, a pastor and leading Bible teacher of his day worked with Evangelist D.L. Moody. At the end of some of Moody’s meetings they would have question and answer sessions in which Moody would often ask Rainsford to provide the answers. One of these sessions is recorded in the latter part of the book.

You will discover the wealth of Godly knowledge that is found by a life of devotion to God and immersion in God’s Word. Here is a life filled with prayer and the daily practice of a Biblical lifestyle, yielding all to Him and walking in His fullness.
Your intimacy and confidence in God’s love and power at work on your behalf will increase as you soak in the unveiled truths of this study of John 17  laid out in 42 chapters across 420 pages.

Pick it up or download it today and begin your journey into a greater understanding of Jesus relationship with the Father and His mission on earth. Thanks to Kregel Academic for sending this book to me to review. This link will take you to Kregel Publications online store.  On Facebook @KregelAcademic 

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