Monday, June 17, 2013


Forgiveness Mini Book by June Hunt

This book will give you inner person a real check-up. With the probing of the Word of God you will come face to face with your attitudes toward those who have offended, insulted, demeaned or in some other way mistreated you. Like a master surgeon the intentions of your heart will be revealed. Then the healing truth that sets us free in Jesus is poured into your wounded soul. 

This is first aid for the heart should be kept near you at home, in the office or in the glove box of your car. All of us are constantly challenged to forgive the words and deeds of others. You will be a greater help to others than you ever though by putting this in their hands at the first hint of forgiveness.

Pastors this could serve as the basis of a great sermon series. It should be in every church office and library. Christian Counselors here is a resource to support what you do and it will help to mend the hearts of those who rely on your ministry.


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