Sunday, June 16, 2013

Complete Four Views of the End Times DVD-based Small Group Study Kit

What do you know about the End Times?

Contemporary movies and many books both Christian and secular seek to provide answers about the End Times. Much of what is seen and heard is mere speculation with the terms used seeming to have whatever meaning the author decided they would have.

The Complete Four Views of the End Times DVD-based Small Group Study Kit - Six Sessions published by Rose Publishing provides Biblical definitions of the End Time terms while laying out clearly the four different views of the End Times within Christianity. Many of the questions about the rapture, second coming, tribulation and the millennium are addressed as well.

I was impressed with author Dr. Timothy Paul Jones ability to explain each view without hinting at his own view. His clear concise explanation of the terminology and events within Church History, that may have influenced that view, made it easy to follow. He presents what many offer as complicated if not sometimes contorted ideas, in a way that puts these teachings in a useable and easy to understand format.

The leaders and participant’s guides listed the terms with definitions, which make it fun to participate in the video teaching. The Leader’s guide also has a ‘Digging Deeper’ section that provides additional information and study resources. The Power Point presentation provides all of the teaching material and additional flexibility for the presentation of these materials. I also love the full color 14 panel-laminated pamphlet included in the kit, which concentrates the information in an easy to use and review format.

Once again Rose publishing, which provided me with a review copy, has done an outstanding job of in producing this high quality and useful resource for individual, small group or church study.

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