Thursday, April 12, 2012


"Can you honestly say that when God first came to you your thoughts were pure and your intentions holy? Were you not already armed with weapons of rebellion--a covetous spirit, a deceitful heart, a lying tongue? Oh, yes, you had a nature fully charged with enmity against God. It lay like unfired gunpowder, waiting for a flame! Fall on your knees in humble gratitude to the One who sent His Spirit and grace to stop you, even while your nature meditated on nothing but war against God and His laws.
One reason we are so easily persuaded to sin is because we do not understand Satan's purpose. He does with men in sinning as generals do with them in fighting. Captains beat their drums for volunteers, promising pay and promotions to all who enlist. The guarantee of such excellent benefits makes soldiers come streaming in, with little or no thought as to whether the ground of war is just. Satan entices to sin by giving golden promises of rewards for entering his service-- power, fame, or fortune. Many foolish souls are won by his clever arguments and the prodding of their own greedy natures. Few bother to ask, "Why is the devil so eager to have me join his ranks?"
Shall I tell you? Do you think your pleasure or profit is his goal? Not likely! His aspirations are all for himself. He has a personal grudge against God, and he brings you, by sinning, to join his quarrel. What he fails to mention is that you jeopardize your very soul to defend his pride and lust. But he is hardly worried about your welfare. He loses no more sleep over your certain damnation than a demented general does over the men he sends on a suicide mission. Knowing this, why would you ever join Satan in his fight against God? He sends you on a suicide mission! This bloody Joab will order you where no one ever came out of alive. If you stand where God's bullets fly, you are a dead man, unless you throw down your arms and surrender at once.”
Today take a stand and serve God. While other people and spiritual enemies will be unhappy you and all who serve God will rejoice!
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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