Saturday, April 07, 2012

The nature of Evil Spirits-2

" The wisest human being is as far from the angels' intelligence as the earth is from the heavens.
Fallen man, helplessly immersed in the flesh, will not readily believe what he cannot see with his mortal eyes. On the same grounds, we might deny the existence of God Himself, because He is invisible.
What a clever trick on the part of Satan, to make us think that if we cannot see something, it does not exist! A sinner may carry Satan in his heart and walk all day long in his company, yet never notice him. Like a horse with blinkers, he feels the crack of the whip that drives him to selfish ambition or lustful desires, but never sees the face of the driver. But Satan is there-- whether you see him or not. When your passions are on a runaway course, hell-bound for destruction, you can be sure it is the devil himself who spurs them on.
Another characteristic of spirits is that they are highly intellectual. They are smarter than other creatures because they come closest by creation to the nature of God. By diligent study, men have accumulated vast stores of scientific knowledge. Still, the wisest human being is as far from the angels' intelligence as the earth is from the heavens.
No doubt the fallen angels lost the use of much of their celestial knowledge-- all their wisdom as holy angels, in fact. What they now know of God has lost its savor, and they have no power to use it for their own good. Jude's assessment of wicked men applies to them: They misuse the knowledge they have been given to corrupt themselves further (v. 10). They know the holiness of God, but do not love Him for it. They know the evil of sin, and do not love it the less. And though they are utter fools with regard to their own destiny, evil spirits are more than a match for all the saints on earth-- except for one thing: We have Almighty God to play our game for us!
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Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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