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Rose Publishing Blowout 99-Cent Sale

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Here's what we have the sweet deals on!

Dare to Love: 1 Corinthians 13

Dare to Love
The "Love Chapter" in the Bible is one of the most precious passages of all time. The kind of love portrayed in 1 Corinthians is true love, strong and determined--and it is not for the faint of heart. These days, love is a risky adventure requiring not only strength and character, but also a vulnerable, gritty commitment. Paul's famous passage on love, 1 Corinthians 13, is often quoted during weddings, but it has a far greater application to today's world. Dare to Love unpacks this meaty chapter without sentimentalism, examining and applying the hard work of loving another human being, a spouse, child, friend, or neighbor.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design
This pamphlet is the best short description of what Intelligent Design (I.D.) is all about and why many scientists and analytic philosophers today are embracing it and distancing themselves from Darwin's theory of the origin of life. What is Intelligent Design? This chapter explains design prior to Darwin, natural selection, and specified complexity. How Does ID Differ from Creationism and Evolution? This pamphlet compares the difference between creationism and evolution.

Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution
This pamphlet shows how scientific findings in the areas paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, astrophysics and mathematics cannot be explained by Darwinian Evolution and reveals the basic lack of proof surrounding Darwinism and delves into the exciting recent findings. Teachers, parents and students will appreciate how the pamphlet takes challenging subject matter and makes it easy to use and understand.

Popular Spirituality and Truth: The Real Secret of a New Earth

Popular Spirituality
When Eckhart Tolle, a "spiritual master of no particular religion," can influence millions of TV and Internet viewers to search within themselves for life's purpose, it's time to measure those "truths" against the eternal truth found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This Bible pamphlet investigates the spiritual claims of Tolle, Rhonda Byrnes, author of"The Secret, and Deepak Chopra giving exact quotes and shows Bible passages that address key points.

Jesus: Fact and Fiction

Jesus: Fact and Fiction
Jesus has influenced more people and cultures than anyone else, but the "new critics" and popular culture have distorted truths about the greatest man in history. Author Robert M. Bowman busts current myths and answers popular questions about Jesus such as:
  • Was Jesus a mythical figure?
  • Are the Gnostic gospels better sources for Jesus than the New Testament Gospels?
  • Where was Jesus during his "lost years"?
  • Did the "Jesus family tomb" belong to Jesus Christ?

Women of the Bible: New Testament

Women of the Bible: New Testament
Jesus reached across cultural norms by befriending and discipling women throughout his life. The bestselling"Women of the Bible: New Testament"pamphlet presents portraits of 15 women, some who encountered Jesus personally, and some who served in the early Church. Some women are known by name, like Mary and Martha, while others are known by their situation, such as the "Woman at the Well.""

Life of David

Life of David
From humble beginnings as a shepherd boy to king over Israel, David is one of the most beloved and impressive characters in the Bible. Despite many personal failures and weaknesses, David went down in history as "a man after God's own heart." Examine in detail the historical background of biblical events and a map of Bible places. This Bible pamphlet tracks every major event in King David's life as well as the important people around him. See David's life at a glance and know all of the key stories.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments"is an ideal Bible study resource for youth and adults. This 14 panel pamphlet can be read in 30 minutes and shows both the traditional and contemporary wording of each of the 10 Commandments, a principle and the meaning of each commandment, what Jesus taught about the commandments, and why the 10 Commandments are important today."

Christianity and Eastern ReligionsChristianity and Eastern Religions
This pamphlet contains a detailed comparison of Christianity with 11 Eastern Religions, including the major types of Hinduism and Buddhism. This pamphlet explores:
  • Key Beliefs on God and the Purpose of Life/Salvation
  • "
  • Origins, founders and other major historical figures
  • Distinctive Practices and Major Celebrations
  • Denominations, and Number of Adherents
  • The focus on the Dalai Lama"

Worldviews Comparison

Worldviews Comparison
This comparison of Worldviews helps you know what you believe and why. A worldview is the "big picture" view of the world, one that attempts to answer all the big questions of life. This chart compares 8 worldviews:
  • Atheism - There is no God
  • Pantheism - God is all
  • Pan-En-theism - God is in all
  • Deism - God is a distant creator
  • Finite God-ism - There is a God, but he is limited
  • Polytheism - There are many gods
  • Monotheism - There is only god
  • Biblical Christianity - There is only one Triune God

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Offer good through 11/8/12 or while supplies last.

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