Friday, November 02, 2012


”Our human nature is so blind that we have deformed thoughts of God until with the eye of faith we see His face in the mirror of the Word. With the exception of Jesus, all men are atheist by nature because at the same time as they acknowledge a God they deny His power, presence, and justice. They allow Him to be only what pleases them: "You thoughts that I was altogether such an one as yourself" Psalm 50:14.
Even if reason could demonstrate all that God is, it would be dangerous to dispute it with Satan. He has sharper reasoning than you. There is more difference between you and Satan than between the weakest idiot and the greatest theologian in the world. But in the Word there is a strong divine authority that builds a throne even in the conscience of the devil himself.
Although Christ was able to baffle the devil by reason, He chose to overthrow him in the way that we ourselves must use in skirmishes with Satan. He repelled him simply by lifting up the shield of the Word: "It is written," said Christ, Matthew 4:,7, 10. It is undeniable that Christ's quoted word had power to stun Satan; the shrewd enemy had no reply to Scripture but was still at the very mention of the Word.
If only Eve had stood by her first answer "God has said” Genesis 3:3. She too could have silenced Satan. Thus the Christian must stand in the heat of temptation and place God's own Word between himself and Satan's blows: "I believe that God is, though I cannot understand His nature; I believe the Word." When this happens, Satan may trouble him but he cannot hurt him-- and he probably cannot even bother him for very long. The devil hates the Word so much that he does not want to hear it. But if you throw down the shield of the Word and try to cut through the temptation by the force of reason, you may soon be surrounded by your subtle enemy.”
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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