Saturday, March 24, 2012


"Let the buyer be warned. Time will show how Satan has cheated you.
The fact that Satan's days are numbered is bad news for the wicked. Sinners at present have a merry time of it and seem to think it will go on forever. On any given day you can hear them laughing while Christ's disciples weep and mourn. They rustle by in their silks, while the saints shiver in rags. The devil is careful to gratify their sensuous nature, as a price rewards his courtiers with pensions and promotions. "Am I not able indeed to promote thee to honor?" Balak asked Balaam Numbers 22:37.
Oh, it is strange-- and yet not strange, considering man's degenerate nature-- to see how Satan leads sinners by the nose with his gilded hook. Let him but bait it with honor, or wealth, or pleasure, and their hearts strain after it as eagerly as fish for a worm. He can get them to sin for a morsel of bread. It happened to Demas, who forsook the Gospel for the world's pleasures.
An evil heart is so eager to collect the bonuses which the devil promises that it ignores the dreadful wages God threatens to pay for the same work. The men who fall into the devil's snare are those resolved to feast on the fruit of unrighteousness. How it glistens as it hangs on the tree of temptation. One bite, and you want more. But beware! Nothing Satan offers is free of his curse. His rewards are as contaminated as he is. They are poison to the souls of men 1 Timothy 6:9.
Would it not be wise, before you barter with the devil, to ask if his promises come with a warranty? Can he secure the bargain and keep you from a lawsuit with God? Can he guarantee that when you die you will not be left destitute in another world? Let the buyer be warned. Time will show how Satan has cheated you. "Oh, but I have already begun to collect on the pleasures he offers, I am enjoying them right now," the sinner says. "And I would have to wait until heaven for most of the things Christ promises."
Many think that there is no joy, fun or fulfillment if they serve God but the Bible point out that we like Enoch and many others some of whom are listed in Hebrews 11 can here and now enjoy the life that God rewards and fulfills!
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.   

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