Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"If you will cry out to Him, He will hear and will come to your rescue at once.
On this earth there is some mixture of darkness and light, even for the vilest sinner-- some peace with trouble, some pleasure with pain, some hope of pardon. But in eternity there is darkness to the utmost. There the fire of wrath will burn without slacking, and sin keeps pace with utter torment.
Satan is called the "ruler of the darkness of this world." All those in a state of darkness are therefore under his rule by God's decree. Scripture tells us sinners are the very dwelling place of the devil. Do you recall the account where the unclean spirit determined to "return into my house Matthew 12:44? It is as though he said, "I have walked among the saints of God, knocking at this door and that, and no one will let me in. But I know who will. I will go back to my own house, where I am sure to rule with complete control." And sure enough, when he returns he finds it empty and ready for his enjoyment. Every inclination of the soul is employed to make the house trim and handsome for the master.
Those in darkness have no power to resist Satan. He rules the whole man, shaping his apprehensions and distorting his perceptions. If he reads the Scripture, Satan stands by with his own running commentary, twisting the truth into a maze of lies. If he shows any distaste for sin, Satan has him view it through the rose-colored glasses of compromise. And while the sinner may think his insight is greatly improved, in truth, he remains under manifold delusions. In fact, Satan is so gracious in lending this or that instrument of unrighteousness, he often is taken for a friend rather than a cruel master. But a man can no sooner cut the tether by which Satan keeps his pastured in sin than the woodsman's axe can chop a tree of its own accord.
Yet here is hope for everyone: Christ the Good Shepherd is standing by. If you will cry out to Him, though it be no louder than the pitiful bleating of the weakest lamb, He will hear and come to your rescue at once.”
Have you prayed for those whom you know who are trapped in sin’s darkness?
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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