Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Experience God's Glory Today

There is are two lines from an old Petra Cd, "Beyond Belief" which says " We're content to pitch our tent when the Glory's evident. Seldom do we know the Glory came and went."

In the Old Testament the people of Israel had the 'Cloud of God's presence by day and the Pillar of Fire by Night to lead them. They had to be ready at all times to follow His Presence.

In the New Testament on the Mount of transformation The disciples saw the glory of God in Jesus. Peter wanted to build tents for the heavenly visitors and hang out within the Glory.

How can we experience His glory today?
Just as in Bible days God has continued to show Himself more evident in some places and times throughout History. There is as as always, debate on the when and where dynamics of these times of God's Glory being revealed. We can and should be doing all we can to position our cities for the visitation of His Glory.

We can also experience His Glory on an individual basis as we develop our relatioship with Him.
Today Jesus has made His Spirit available to all who believe in Christ. We however, do not do all we can to build our relationship with him and therefore do not experience His Glory and wonder as he desires for us in our realtionship with Him. This is where I want to concentrate our time today. I will address God's glory for cities at another time.

To have His presence in all it's fullness we must continue to build our relationship with Him according to His plan, (Bible).
1. We must come to Him as our Lord and Savior. This requires believing in Him as God's Son and turning (repenting) from sin. It also means giving our lives totally to Him.
2. We must continue our renewal and transformation into His likeness. This require us to read, meditate on, study and obey His Word, the Bible.
3. Our relationship must be developed through times prayer, praise and worship.
4. Healthy fellowship and relationships with other believers also is a key part of our growth.

As we continue to develop our relationship with Him we will move from blocks of time in which we are building our relationship into a true marriage relationship, in which we are one with Him and discover our selves in relationship through there practices throughout the day. This will then develop into a 24/7 relationship where there is no time in our day when we (God and us) are not in communion-relationship.

From our relationship with God comes behavior like His. This is a giving out of the Christ life in practical form. Caring for those in need around us. This may be a simple smile and kind word or it may mean helping those in need of food and clothing. It also includes praying for one another and our governmental leaders if we want to live in peace as expressed in timothy.
As we give out we will receive more of God's goodness and glory.

One of the things that often keeps us from continual growth with God is our inner hurts and the wrong deeds and words of others from our past. These can not be left alone. Repentance on our part and forgiveness toward those who have harmed us must take place. We will be healthier and be able to grow in our relationship and experience His glory more as we get our inner life healed and cleaned up.

For the Christian there are two different truths at work here.
1. God can and does display His Glory and wonder to groups of people.
2. We can individually develop a personal relationship with God in which we can experience His glory. The presence of God is a part of our New Life in Christ.

Keep working on your relationship with Him. He desires you to have it as a part of your inheritance!
Keep praying for those times of visitation when your whole city will experience His Glory and presence!

Please take a look at some of the new books listed on the right side of this site. They will help you to grow in relationship with Him and develop a life open to His Glory!


Jeff said...

So it seems that to obtain a greater measure of God's glory, we should treat Him like we do good friends, or even many of our non-relationship pursuits: Learning more about them and spending time with them. And, with God, of course we also need to learn surrender and obedience. But if we could just get the first two right, the third would come more quickly and naturally.

revbob53 said...

When i hear people talk about the relationship with God my heart beats a little faster. % years age God took me on a Journey that lasted 6 months. He took me to the last twenty four hours of Jesus's life and showed me 5 charateristics that we need to develope in our life with the help of the Holy Spirit. 1. Humility as seen by His washing the disciples feet. 2. Brokenness as seen in the prayer in the garden, "not my will but thy will". 3. Willing to suffer as seen by his willingness to bear the stripes and the cross for us. 4. Compassion as seen by His forgiving us for putting Him on that cross. 5. Authority as seen by His raising from the dead at His word. These characters need to be saught and developed in us so we can be like Him in all things. For more information see my site: It will bless you! keep searching and finding.

revbob53 said...

Their are five charateristics as seen in the last twenty four hours of Jesus's life. Humility, brokenness, willingness to suffer,compasion,and authority. These must be saught after with all our hearts to truly be one of His disciples. only as we become disciples in the fullest sense will we experience the wonders of this life in Christ. Praise God!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you for the rhema.

c_neil said...

I found this blog on the Blog Explosion. Keep up the good witness.

kkt said...

what a great blog!

allan said...


I remember wanting to "get under the spout where the glory comes out."

That is the place where we are in tune with God.

Personal, as a church, or city wide, we need that touch of God.



HolyInheritance said...

Glory is your inheritance, given your Soul by its Creator that you might EXTEND it.(ACIM)

You must first EXPERIENCE it, to EXTEND it.