Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Encampment of the Lord

I recently had the honor and delight of attending some meetings with a few hundred other believers in which a humble and wildly in love with Jesus women of God who has been used mightily by God in some of the most interesting places in the world led us into greater intimacy with God.

The numbered points that follow are areas that need to be considered as a result of this fresh outpouring of God's presence and should lead us to a greater understanding and ability to yield to God's Spirit, whenever God is doing a fresh work or is manifesting Himself and His presence to His people.
1. There was a process over the course of three days.
2. The process led us to a point of a fresh committment and celebration the likes of which I have not experienced in more than 35 years of being a believer. In fact it was my early days as a believer during the Jesus movement when I last enjoy such a time of freedom, joy, commitment and celebration.
3. Many of us have experienced those times of soaring to great heights in God which we cherish and which are intended to lead us deeper and encourage us to go further in God.
4. There are issues that arise out of such experiences and that follow such experiences.

Biblically speaking we can gain the wisdom needed to deal with such high times in God by examining three such experiences in scripture.
A. Israel following the 'Pillar of cloud by day and fire by night.'
B. Isaiah in the Temple, 'In the year that King Uziah died.'
C. Jesus, and the Disciples on, 'The mount of transfiguration.'
A study of the principles in these three Biblical examples of God's manifest presence among His people will follow in the next part of this article. For now let's continue our current line of thinking.

5. Throughout history we have been faced with the challenge of what to do when God moves upon His people in power and majesty.
When these occur there are dangers that lie in:
A. Trying to repeat in the flesh what God did in the Spirit
B. Not remembering that it took several days and steps to get to the high point or climax of theexperience.
C. Establishing a formula based on what occurred or how we felt.
D. Not realizing that the timing, circumstances and events preceding the current work of God can not be duplicated and therefore the resulting work or move of God will be unique and not a clone or repetition of any other previous one.

There are elements of each move or fresh outpouring of God's presence which pertain to the character and nature of God.

6. We should ask ourselves these questions as we reflect on a specific fresh move or outpouring of God's presence:
A. What should our attitude be about what God is doing?
B. What should we have gained from what God was doing?
C. What should we expect now and as we move ahead after the experience?
D. How do we go forward, honoring what the Lord has done while not attempting to build a shrine on the experience or it's location?

The question arises,"What next" and "What are we to do in the meantime or with the results of the work of God both personally and as a group of believers who have shared in the experience?"
I believe the answers to these questions are in the three passages listed above. I will examine these in part to of this article.

Artwork by John Campbell


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C. Establishing a formula based on what occurred or how we felt. -

This is, I think, where a lot of us fail.

If it worked once lets keep doing it. Meantime the pillar has moved on...

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I'm glad to hear about your quests for God. Beautifully written and interesting. God Bless you and may the Christmas celebrations treat you and your family well. God Bless.

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Just surfing and wishing every one a Merry Christmas!