Friday, October 26, 2012

Sowing in Good Soil

We are asking for your help with our (Abba's Glory Inc) worldwide outreach and labor toward the accomplishment of our mission and goals.

There is a natural aspect to all that God does on the earth. He is not a counterfeiter, and thus does not rain down money from Heaven, but rather gives His people opportunity to receive an abundant material harvest according to the measure of the material seed they sow into God-appointed/anointed fields (ministries). 
This ministry is good ground in which to plant your seed. Those who do always receive an abundant harvest!

If you would like to help with the operational financial needs of this global ministry which touches 125 nations, please email us at for our mailing address. Abba's Glory Inc is a federally approved 501c-3.

Our Ministry sites include.

Abba's Glory web site (Under Construction)

Abba's Glory Institute (soon to offer our free 2 year Bible Institute)

The Passionate Participation in God Project (Our daily Devotional)

Equippers Network

Equippers Tool Box

Equippers Resume 

Our New Facebook page

Equipping You for a Life of Passionate Participation in God

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