Wednesday, September 19, 2012


John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Fellowships once said, "I am a fool for Christ who's fool are you?"

Some us disagree on politics BUT we should never allow our different points of view to become 
a trap used by Satan to divide the Body of Christ from Passionately proclaiming and being Living Witnesses to God's transforming power in our lives through the Good news or Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. 
Let's allow each other our political opinions without entering into accusations about each others character or participating in the spread of false teachings and statements when they are actually just our limited understandings playing the political fool.
We need to research more and repeat what others say less. Let us not be like Satan accusing without provable facts and the entire context of someones statements,
If we have an opinion let us be bold enough to say this is my view or understanding without saying  "This is a Word from the Lord."

More listening, more research and less accusation would help us not to be Political Fools.
PS, Not everything you, your friends or your favorite TV News or Hollywood  Actress or Actor believe is true.

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