Sunday, September 23, 2012


"God's promises are our fortress in times of danger, but it is not easy for us to run to them in a crisis unless we know them in times of comfort as well.
The pupil who performs best on a test is the one who has thought a great deal about the lesson before the teacher even gives him the test. In fact, we can discover an important principle when we watch porters carrying heavy loads. They lift them over and over again before they actually take them on their backs. And you can do this, too. In your meditation, lift up the troubles which might come for Christ's sake and see if you can carry them should God require it.
Set poverty, prison, isolation, and fire before you on the one hand, and the precious truths of Christ on the other, along with God's sweet promises for those who will hold fast the word of patience in such an hour of temptation. Suppose you had to choose right now which hand you would take; study this question seriously until your conscience can give a clear answer. Do this often so the self-pity which flesh and blood indulge will not be satisfied, nor the encouragements from Scripture be treated with doubt. You must make sure a promise is true before you stake your life on it.
Augustine summed up the urgency of being prepared before a battle: "It is hard to find the needed troops during war if we have not sought for and known them during peace." "God's promises are our fortress in times of danger; but it is not easy for us to run to them in a crisis unless we know them in times of comfort as well." A stranger who runs to a house for refuge in the dark night will probably fumble to open the door unless he has located the latch in the daytime-- and his enemy may well destroy him while he is struggling to open the door. But one who lives inside that place, or is familiar with it, can get in easily. "Come, my people," said God, "enter thou into thy chambers" Isaiah 26:20. He shows us our abiding place in His promises long before sufferings come so we can readily find our way to them in the dark."
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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