Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Secret Place

On our Journey the place I have come to love is the one reserved for us by God in His presence. Psalm 91:1 and in His fortress, 2 Samuel 22:2, in your presence is fullness of Joy, Psalm 16:11. His presence, my fortress, joy and source of Life have kept this journey from being one of wilderness wanderings and a course of many trials, because at each turn He alone has been our rock and steady hand, providing for our spirit, soul and body.
I would be lacking in gratefulness if I did not mention all of those who moved by God's goodness have come as messengers of the most High to bring a portion of their provision to us that we would not stumble and lack in the necessities of life. God’s creative nature is on display as He continues to provide with infinite diversity in the manner and messengers of His provision.
I thank God for His faithfulness to us directly and through His willing servants.

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