Thursday, June 07, 2012


" I see One who is above me-- infinitely higher than I seem to be above you; and I fear Him.
The world's true man is one who will not wrong another man. Some boldly remind God that they would not steal a dime from their neighbor; yet these same people are thieves in far greater matters than all the money their neighbor is worth. They steal time from God and consistently conform the Sabbath to their personal plans instead of His. They purpose to sanctify God's name and even pray often for His will but their unholy hearts insist on compromise even though they know His will is sanctification.
But God's true man desires to be first true to the Father and then to man for His sake. For example, when Joseph's brothers feared he might deal with them brutally he freed them from suspicion: "This do," he responded, "and live, for I fear God" Genesis 42:18. He reassured them, "Do not expect anything from me except what is right. You might think because I am a man of authority you would have no one to intercede for you if I take advantage. But I see One who is above me-- infinitely higher than I seem to be above you; and I fear Him."
One of the Greek words for sincerity is an emphatic metaphor picturing something examined by the light of the sun. For example, when you buy cloth you can take it out of the artificial light and hold it up to the sun; if there is the tiniest hole or flaw in the fabric you can see it there. Truly the godly soul looks up to heaven and wants every thought, judgment, affection, and practice to stand before the light which shines through Scripture. (This is the great lamp where God has gathered all the light to guide Christians, as the sun in the sky directs our bodies in our earthly walk.) If these agree with the Word and can look on it without being put to shame, then we go on our way and nothing can stop us. But if any one of them shuns the light of the Word-- as Adam tried to hide from God-- then we are at journey's end.”
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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