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In understanding how to win the daily fight of faith or war and how God intends for us to properly use the weapons He provides we must understand the strategies and ways of our enemy. Paul tells us that he would not have us to be ignorant and neither does our commander. So I encourage you to be persistent in these studies and not to grow weary as we learn to Fight the Good Fight.

"As the master workman, Satan cuts out the temptation and gives it shape, but sometimes he has his journeymen finish it. He carefully considers who can do the work.
Another strategy Satan uses is his shrewd retreat. We read not only of Satan's being cast out, but of the unclean spirit going out voluntarily, with a purpose to come again and bring worse company with him Matthew 12:43-45. Satan is not always beaten back by the dint and power of conquering grace; sometimes he retreats willingly, then lays his own siege. He waits until the Christian is out of his trench, intending to snap him up on the plains if he cannot take him in his fortification. When Satan seems to have conceded defeat, do not assume the battle is won. His flight should strengthen your faith, but not weaken your guard.
Satan chooses what or whom to use as instruments of temptation. We have seen that he decides when and how he will tempt; now we shall see that he decides what or whom he will use to do his work.
As the master workman, Satan cuts out the temptation and gives it shape, but sometimes he has his journeymen finish it. Knowing his work may be carried on better by others, he carefully considers who can do the work to the greatest advantage of his evil cause. Just as every politician is not fit to serve as an ambassador, so not just everyone qualifies for the devil's special service. He screens his prospects with care. In this he is unlike God, who is not at all limited by His choice of instruments, because He needs no one and is able to do as well with one as with another. But Satan's power is finite, so he must patch up the defect of the lion's skin with the fox's.
The ambassadors Satan prefers are chiefly of four sorts: persons of prominence and power; persons of superior intellect and diplomacy; persons of holiness, or at least reputed to be; and persons able to influence those in power. 

Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S. Bell

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