Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Disciples of All Nations

Doing All That Jesus Began to Do and Teach

We want to thank you for co-laboring with us during 2011 to obey Jesus command to make disciples of every nation. You helped us reach nearly 10,000 people a week in 90 nations with discipleship materials designed to help them fulfill God’s plan for them and the nations.

Someone recently asked why we have not actively asked for support. I said that we believed that many who receive ministry would be unable to give and if they could give, would not be able to send us a gift from where they live around the world. To this my friend said that we were robbing people of an opportunity to be obedient to God or to co-labor with us, by not presenting the need for prayer, resources, etc. Wow! I never thought of that! So, here we go!

You can co-labor with US TO MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS THROUGHOUT THE EARTH. Here are a few opportunities.
1.     Prayer! This is our most prized resource. For we know it is the key to changing the course of nations!
2.     General Financial support to meet ongoing daily ministry expenses. This can be done online through our web site and blogs via Pay Pal by clicking on the DONATE TAB  This may be done just one time or as often as you want. Including monthly if you chose. No gift is too small or too large. US Dollars only.
3.     Specific Financial support for these items.
a.     2012 Web site cost, $175
b.     2012 Printing materials for free distribution, $480
c.     2012 Transportation expenses $780
d.     2012 Additional ministry computer equipment and software $1000
Thank you for bringing these needs to God in prayer and for praying we have open doors to raise up disciples throughout the Kingdom.

The local church has a rock solid mandate or command from Jesus to Make Disciples of All nations. But being obedient to Jesus’ command seems lost in our churches today. I fear we do not realize that by doing so the Kingdom of God would grow in every nation. This would then result in the cultural transformation that we, as Christians so desire, where laws and lifestyles would line up with God’s plan for us. If you could begin this expansion of God’s rule or kingdom where might you begin? What should you do?

1. Seek opportunities to be His Good News, Salt and Light to the people in your life
2. Look for ways to give a reason for the Hope that is in you
3. Build your relationship with God daily through study and meditation of His Word
4. Talk with Him as a friend in prayer daily
5. Worship Him in Song and Praise Him for who He is and all that he has done
6. Pray for others, your local, regional and national leaders to live Godly lives and make wise Godly decisions
7. Be His hand extended in Mercy and Power
8. Support with your prayers, time and resources those ministries and individuals that God connects you with that are also seeking to obey Jesus’ teachings.

You can do these things no matter your positions, status or gifts. These are things that bring forth the Kingdom every day!

Abba’s Glory Inc,   

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