Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Church As It Could Be Is Already Available

My last article has caused some very interesting reactions. These reactions ranged from Amen, to various defensive responses in support of Church or attending church.

I fully enjoy being in the gathering of believers, fellowshipping, hearing the Word proclaimed and taught. There is something about worshipping and praying together with God's people that is not only spiritually enjoyable but enjoyable on many levels. Before I write more please go back and read the last article and you will find the paragraphs that follow included.

"There are also, many good churches which are doing a good perhaps even a great job at accomplishing all that Jesus began to do and teach. They have the heart of the Father, the mind and revelation of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit freely working in their midst.

If we ever hope to have all that Jesus has for us we must start with an awareness that in and of ourselves we have nothing to offer. This humility is the soil in which God can work and shape us into His image once again.

We have multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-worldview and multi-actuational (one that puts into action) society today.

God's people have a great variety of visions or models for church today that can minister to each generation, culture and worldview which can put into action the plan God has for them. Many of which are based on Biblical teaching. They will however, never reach the full measure they were intended to reach unless they have the heart of the Father, the mind and revelation of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit freely working in their midst.

God is a creative God. Although He never changes, His infinite wisdom and creativity are constantly at work to accomplish His plans and purposes in His people, the Church."

In previous articles I have written about what success looks like in your church. I have also written about the stream of life that flow out from God and into our various cultures, theologies and preferences in music, the style of our public gatherings, governmental structures and relational dynamics.

There is no one perfect way of doing church! Let me say that again. There is no perfect way of doing church.

There are however many good and healthy ways of doing church! There are common elements that are seen in scripture that make His people who are the church a success in doing all that Jesus began to do and teach!
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Anonymous said...

This is a good reminder that humbles me to remember that there is nothing I have to offer in my own strength. It puts my perspective in the right place as I search for a new job, possibly in the ministry.

Sherri Watt said...

I have meet many hurting people that have gone to the church to find answer and have only been hurt worse. It must change and become a place of healing. That change will only come when we "the church, the bride of Christ" change and have His heart, not our own. Keep writing!