Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Believe in...

Someone asked me how I would describe my outlook on life as a Christian. Below is a partial answer.

I Believe
1. In a passionate pursuit of knowing, experiencing and enjoying God and in bringing others along on the adventure;

2. In equipping, mending, nurturing, building up, challenging,
releasing, mentoring, inspiring, motivating and encouraging the
people around me;

3. In being a servant leader who will be responsible and accountable to the team I am a part of;

4. In the unfolding, creative, and fresh work of God for every group of people;

5. In dreaming and praying big while being faithful with those who are around you;

6. In allowing, encouraging and supporting others to follow the calling and dreams in their life;

7. In working hard to do my part and allowing God to do His;

8. In the wonder of God's endless, creative and unique style of accomplishing His will among people;

9. In one day hearing Him say, well done you who have been a good and faithful servant.

10. In the local gathering of believers (Church) as the starting place to accomplish all that Jesus began to do and teach.

You can find more information about me and the Equippers Network at my blog sites:
The Equippers Network Ministry Hub this site is the home base for all of my blogs and has the Equippers Network ministry Mission and Vision spelled out.

It is all by His Grace
The Equipper

Artwork, Walking in the Light by Graham Braddock

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