Friday, September 22, 2006

Wisdom for a Fresh Move of God Today

Wisdom for a Fresh Move of God by His Spirit Today

What is it that happens during an encounter with the Most High God that causes such an impact in our lives? This is but one of the questions I was asking after attending three days of meetings held at Bridgeway Church. These meetings were led by Leslie Ann ___. During these meetings there was a significant work of God accomplished and a very intense anointing present throughout the meetings.

When I began to reflect on these meetings and the magnificent and powerful presence of God which worked in and among the people attending, I began to look in scripture and back both at church history and my own experiences. Lots of questions arise after such encounters with God. How can I experience more of the majestic and wonderful presence of God? Why don’t we experience more of these outpourings? What is of God and what is of man during these encounters? When God does work so powerfully what are or should be the results?

In the Bible the last four chapters of Job and the first four chapters of Revelation came to mind, as well as, Genesis chapter one and John chapter one. In these scriptures we see the majesty, splendor and wonder of God revealed to people.

When we look at Church history both in and out of scripture it is this breaking forth of God’s majesty and power that has continued to capture the minds and hearts of people and kept each new generation crying out to Him and standing in awe of Him!

We also see in scripture that both individual and collective moves of God start with a realization of the greatness of God and a humility that comes from that realization. This awareness of God's majesty and holiness is an opportunity to choose His ways instead of our own. The choice to submit to Him leads us to consecrate ourselves so that He has a clean vessel to live in and work through. Below are three keys to personal and collective preparation for a fresh work of God.

Keys to Experiencing a Fresh Move of God Every Day

1. Remember: We have been transferred out of the Kingdom of darkness
Col 1:13-14
A. When is the last time you remembered the joy of your salvation?
B. What are you doing with and about it?

2. Choose you this day whom you will serve
Josh 24:13-16
A. Death to self and our ways, plans, goals etc.
B. Lay down His gifts, calling and assignment and submit to the masters direction each day.
They are His gifts, calling and assignment. We must allow Him to manifest, direct and assign afresh each day.

3. Consecrate yourselves
Josh 3:1-6
A. Every day and in every situation.
B. A clean soul and spirit is His greatest goal, because it provides good soil for Him to work in.

Each day is 'the day that the Lord has made.' If we are to rejoice in each day that He has made (In Him and what He is doing) we must submit all to him anew.
Parting the Waters, Art by Chiu @
The study that follows is the result of this contemplation and research.

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