Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Way-FM Alternative Christian Music

Alternative Christian Music
Reaching this generation for Jesus!

Thank you to Pastor Barry Palser of Calvary Temple Denver for mentioning this awesome new resource to communicate the Good News to a new generation.

Vision 20:1
In addition to our Mission:
“to encourage youth and young adults in their Christian lives and to introduce Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.”

We are also driven by a short term vision we call VISION 20:1.
In 2003 we adopted an exciting four year vision that we are prayerfully working towards. Here is our vision for a “season” in our history:
“Trusting God, we will partner together to expand our outreach to 20 Million people by 2007, resulting in a daily, Christ-centered impact in the lives of 1 Million youth and young adults.”
In other words, we are believing God that by the fall of 2007 (our 20th anniversary), there will be at least 20 million people who are able to tune WAY-FM in on their radio. This is our potential audience. We hope this will result in at least 1 million actual listeners tuning in every week receiving the hope and encouragement found in our positive, upbeat music and overall presentation.
If you have any questions about Vision 20:1, feel free to

Our Core Values
WAY-FM’s Core Values provide a model of what we believe and how we want to conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Developed by the staff members of this ministry, these values guide, direct and represent all that we are and do.
Christ Centered
We celebrate our identity as a faith-based Christian ministry. The foundation for all we do is based on Jesus Christ as revealed in God’s Word. This becomes authentic when our staff, with the help of their respective local church, exhibits Spirit-led living.
Vision Driven
Everything we are about begins with the vision we believe God has given us, and is found in our mission statement. Vision provides the direction that moves us forward together.
Prayer Supported
From the boardroom to the stock room we want our ministry covered in prayer. We pray for one another regularly, pray for God’s Hand to remain upon this ministry, and encourage others to do the same.
Clear Communication
We welcome and lovingly respond to Spiritual inquiry from our listeners. Since our very calling is to communicate to an audience, we strive to communicate clearly and honestly with each other as well.
Respect Towards Others
We acknowledge our interdependence of each other and that everyone is created in the image of God. For those reasons alone, others deserve to be treated with love, dignity and respect. We are all leaders in some way and look to Jesus as our example of the perfect servant leader.
Wise Stewardship and Accountability
We deeply appreciate all resources God entrusts us with and consider ourselves stewards of your generous gifts. We believe in being accountable to high standards so that we earn your trust.
Remain Flexible
We acknowledge that change is a part of life, and the life of an organization. By remaining flexible we are willing to shift attention and responsibilities as the need arises in order to better serve each other and our listeners.
Professionalism With Excellence
We strive to do our work using out-of-the-box creativity and cutting-edge research, believing work done with excellence honors the Lord and also exemplifies leadership in our industry.
Integrity That Is Honored And Protected
The character of our people and the ministry itself is more important to us than our reputations. Integrity is highly valued and protected so as not to disappoint the Lord and hurt His work.
Listener and Ministry Focused
Recognizing we are part of the entertainment medium, we want our primary focus to be on relevant and transparent ministry to our communities that reflects our listeners’ lifestyle needs, through a caring and encouraging presentation.

Thanks for keeping the message alive in our day!


Susan L. Prince said...

I discovered WayFM online in 1999 and have been listening online ever since.

I listen to WayFM out of Nashville. It's great stuff!

Jackthepumpkinking said...

Out here in my area, we have "The Reach FM" from Buffalo NY to Ohio to the Delaware beaches. Actually, my wife is there right this second during their radiothon to stay on the air. You can here them online at Honestly, I prefer what they are spinning at WJTL in Lancaster PA but the signal isn't strong enough.