Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Growing Your Relationship with God

I recieved this fantastic article by Jim Goll and wanted to pass it on in shortened form.

The full article called A Tool for Greater Communion with God--Quietness by Jim Goll is @ http://www.elijahlist.com/ in it he highlights several books the first is Communion with God: by Mark Virkler.

Principles of Communion
If we are going to commune with God, first we must become still. Habakkuk went to his guard post to pray (Habakkuk 2:1). In the early morning when it was still dark, Jesus departed to a lonely place to pray (Mark 1:35). And after a day's ministry, Jesus went to a mountain to pray.
Quieting Our Own Inner Being
· Write down thoughts of things to do later
· Release present tensions and anxieties to the Lord
· Focus on Jesus
· In becoming still, I am not trying to do anything. I simply want to be in touch with the
Divine Lover. I am centered on this moment of time and experiencing Him in it
· Removing inner noise (voices, thoughts, pressures)

Taking An Aggressive Posture
(II Corinthians 10:2-6) As I read this set of scriptures, I envision this "battlefield of the mind" in a specific way.

The Battlefield of the Mind--A PerspectiveBy James Goll
Taking the Initiative
Our weapons are not carnal but they are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down of arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ.

Practical Steps
Before we can think on whatsoever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, full of virtue and praise (Philippians 4:7-8), we must first cleanse our minds.

The Practice of Listening Prayer
Dallas Willard is a professor and past director of the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California. Dallas is the author of the penetrating book, The Spirit of the Disciplines, of which the following is taken:A discipline for the spiritual life is, when the dust of history is blown away, nothing but an activity undertaken to bring us into more effective cooperation with Christ and His Kingdom. http://www.dwillard.org/books/SpDisciplines.asp

Sit Back And Enjoy God's Presence

Mary Swope, author of "Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?, turns her attention to helping people understand how to hear and discern God's voice. The following phrases are from her book, Listening Prayer:

At the beginning of each period of listening prayer, submit yourself to God and invite the Holy Spirit to be in control

The Attacks
In addition, Satan will try to distract you. Cast out any interfering thoughts from the enemy.

Rest in Him
Sit back and enjoy God's presence. Meditate on His power, His wisdom, His goodness, His meekness, and His generosity.

A Closing Prayer of Application
Father, make these old ways new. Teach me The Lost Art of Practicing Your Presence. Quiet my Soul that I might know you and your precious Son Jesus better. Holy Spirit, calm the inner storm that rages. Bring me in to proper alignment with your Word, Will and Ways. I call forth the Spirit of Revelation in Jesus name. Lord, I want to know You! Teach me for Your Kingdom's Sake. Amen!

I trust that this message on Quietness has helped you to move forward into greater communion with the Love of Your Soul. It has truly helped me.
After all--Quietness is the Incubation Bed of Revelation!Blessings!
James Goll http://www.jamesgoll.com/

"The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence"by James W. Goll

Your heart has been created for the Presence of God, and it is not complete without His Presence living within. Nay-sayers try to convince you that His Presence is elusive and subjective, but their voice is silenced by the desire yearning from within for a union with your Lord and Creator.
As a credible response for those who want to fill that inner void with His perfect union, The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence was written. Author James Goll's own journey into His Presence has brought him face-to-face with angels and the Lord. Jim has heard His voice and has moved in His Presence for many years, carefully recording what he now shares with you. Joyfully, you will discover how the Lord covets union with you as much as you seek His Presence. You will also:
· Discover the delight of quiet meditation.
· Learn to wait and to watch with your Lord.
· Experience the joy of contemplative prayer.
· Understand the fire of His love.
· Learn about the journeys of others who have sought and found the sweetness of His

The wisdom contained in this book will give you moment-by-moment confidence and hope as you journey toward the joy and pleasure of His Presence
James Goll www.jamesgoll.com


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Jim Goll is a blessing ... isn't he. I have followed his ministry for many years. We are a blessed people.

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I'll be sure to get this one. I've never seen it before. Looks like a great read. Love your blog!