Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Day Three: Learning to Pray with an Open Door to the Father,

So far we have explored the idea that prayer is a conversation with God.
We also explored the framework of our relationship with God and how it shapes our communication with Him,
In our assigned reading we see how Jesus came to 'seek and save that which was lost.' when we examine Genesis 1-4 we know what was lost.
The reading of Genesis 1-4 shows us that what was lost in the Garden was our relationship with God and the loss resulted in the loss of the benefits from being in proper alignment with God.
Luke 19:10, John 10:9 and Genesis 1-4 give us a clear message of Jesus restoration of our relationship with God so that we once again have an open door between God and us.
In these passages, we find the foundation of our prayer life or as we have stated open communication with God.
Reading Assignment: use a concordance and look up all references to Enoch. Answer this question:
What did Enoch's life of walking with God look like? Use your imagination. What did those conversations sound like? Do you think Enoch asked God about what was on God's heart that day or what God had planned for the day?

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