Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rediscovering Life with an Open Door to God

The Way to Rediscovering Life with an open door to our creator and God

We were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). There is within us an urgent desire, a thirst only quenched when our relationship with God is restored and nurtured in an uninterrupted and free flowing interaction with one another. When this occurs we begin to discover the delight, which a harmonious ever-flowing interaction with God brings about. Much like the vibrations of a tuning fork we are tuned in with God. This brings about a symphony from within us and through us to the world around us, which is individually unique and delightful, as we become a (body soul and spirit) multidimensional tapestry designed by God to be fulfilled in harmony with Him.

If we are to move from our created desire for God to a life of delighting in Him and the manifestation of what He created us to be and do will it will require the re-establishment of the relationship He designed for us to have. We see from the Bible that the mission of Jesus the Messiah is the re-establishment of our relationship with God the father. He is the only way to the father, the open door, the way the truth and the life. John 10:7-9 and John14:6.
With the way between us open we (God & us) are free to restore our interaction with one another. The development of this or (Working out our salvation) growing in God like any relationship requires that we (Hebrews 11:5-6) diligently seek Him and reap the reward this passage proclaims to us. We understand that we are saved by grace and are to rest in Him for our salvation, deliverance from sin and its penalty of death and separation from God.
What does this diligently seeking Him look like you might ask? It requires that we rediscover who God is and what are His ways. This includes discovering the names and attributes of God, what they reveal about His nature and how He interacts with people from the pages of the Bible in conjunction with these revealed qualities.

 It requires discovering who we are for we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Then we can grow in our understanding of how the elements of who we are work together to become the unique tapestry God has designed us to be.
This tapestry is not merely a collection of the elements of who we are but becomes complete as we allow our creator to bring true life to those elements. Our life’s elements, DNA, culture, family environment, education, life experiences along with our natural gifts, talents and skills mix with the supernatural gifts and ways God works in us to bring about the completed design He has stored up for us.

A very unique and life giving aspect of our relationship with God is learning who we are in Him and putting aside our old nature with its understanding and behavior, which bring death and putting on or living according to our new nature in God as empowered by His grace and the working of His Spirit in us through the active life giving truth of His Word (the Bible). It is only as we learn of Him that we can more completely yield to Him and make the choices by grace and through faith, which are the substance of the working out part of our daily being saved.

We enter into our new life as we are born again by the spirit through Jesus the Messiah. This transformational process of becoming the unique individual God designed us to be, the original Greek calls Sodzo or being saved. The word Sodzo or salvation is a present continuous word, which means that our salvation starts with the new birth and continues on as long as we are in this earthly realm. Along with the ongoing nature of our “being saved” is Phil 2:12  Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.’ which seems counter intuitive to salvation by grace alone but it speaks to the transformational process in our lives which is ongoing in this life. We must decide daily and sometimes, moment by moment to live according to the new nature and to deny and put to death the old nature. We do so not just in a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father but with true wisdom and a proper upstanding of the price sin has on us, the world we live in, our relationship with God and the terrible price Jesus paid for our sins that we might be redeemed from sin’s slavery and eternal death, made right with God and given free access to Him and His created purpose for us once again.

Our choosing daily to be in Him,’ to live and breathe and have our being in Him’ (Acts (17:28) requires disciplines that help us grow in grace as we reject the old nature and its ways and participate in the new life. These spiritual disciplines help us reject the world, the flesh and the devil and help us nurture and grow into the way of life of a person who is pleasing God, who is made right with God and who is walking with Him according to His original design for us.

 The interweaving of all these unique multidimensional threads mentioned above move us from an incomplete and misshapen version of God’s deign for us to the blossoming of a beautiful unique individual whom God chooses to use as He unfolds His kingdom’s beauty and majesty into the lives we interact with along the way in our life's journey.
Copy Write from my soon to be released book
Wayne Newcomb (c) 2017

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