Sunday, February 02, 2014

Receive from God

John 3:27
John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing, unless it has
 Been given him from heaven.”     NASB

     Basically, there are two ways of getting things: One is receiving and
one is grabbing. A lot of people get things by grabbing, but the trouble
with grabbing is what you get is not permanent. You can have it for a
while, but ultimately it will not be yours. The other way to get things
is to receive. To receive what God has for you. And in the long run,
you are not going to have more than you receive from God.

     The only thing that’s permanent in your life or in mine is that
which we receive from God. So why don’t you stop grabbing for a
while. Stop grasping, stop trying to get, and just turn to God and
 say, “God, whatever You want me to have, that’s what I want.
I’ll be satisfied. I will not go after that big position or that large
sum of money or that particular form of pleasure unless, God,
 I can receive it from You.” Because what you receive from God
will bless you. It will be truly yours. It will be permanent. It will
not do you harm in the end. Whereas the things you get by
grasping often, in the long run, you’ll be sorry you ever reached
for them and grasped them. So remember the secure things,
the things that bring peace and real blessings, are the things
that you received from heaven and from God.
—Derek Prince

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