Wednesday, August 29, 2012


“Sin causes the convulsions of horror which distort and torment a person's conscience. Peace of conscience is the blessing of the Gospel and only the Gospel.
Conscience knows Jesus, and the Gospel of Jesus; it refuses to obey anyone or anything else. Two particular themes will demonstrate this truth-- first, what satisfies the conscience; and second, what applies this satisfaction to the conscience.
What satisfies the conscience? Sin causes the convulsions of horror, which distort and torment a person's conscience. If this little word-- but such a deadly plague-- could ever be blotted out of men's minds, the storm would soon be stilled and the soul would immediately become a calm sea, quiet and smooth, without the least wave of fear to disturb its face. But sin is the Jonah, which stirs up the tempest; wherever it comes, war is sure to follow.
When Adam sinned he drank away this sweet peace of conscience in one unhappy swallow. No wonder it almost choked him as soon as it was down his throat-- "and they knew that they were naked" Genesis 3:7. Now, whatever is to bring true peace to the conscience must first prostrate this Goliath of sin before the war can end and peace can heal.
It is true-- the poisoned head of sin's arrow, which burns and throbs in the sinner's conscience is guilt. It robs the person of his rest by giving the alarm that judgment is coming and punishment is inevitable. Because that man dreads what will happen when this infinite wrath of the eternal living God comes for him, he lives in fear and agony of that expectation.
Now if you want to comfort a conscience which roasts on the burning embers of God's anger, kindled by his own guilt, you must first quench those coals and present the news that God forgives sin and that He will make reconciliation with sinners who repent and believe. Nothing but this Gospel can offer the man true peace with his own thoughts.
Quoted material from, ”The Christian in Complete Armour Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare” by Gurnall and James S Bell.

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