Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Open Letter From James B. Richards

The following letter is Jim's response to my response to his book and teachings on Anatomy of a Miracle.


Thank you. It is very kind of you to do so.

Please understand, I have no problem with how you feel about this book. If, however, you want to know the scriptural basis for what I have said, or if you really desire to have healthy dialog about the results or outcome of this project, I will be more than glad to be open and forthright with you. But I’m not interested in “fighting” or having conflict. There is too much to do for the Kingdom for either of us to get derailed. I am interested in reaching the part of the world that the church is not reaching… and as I said, I do that very effectively. Otherwise, we will just agree to hold differing views and leave it at that.

I extend to you an open invitation to ask me anything you desire to ask me about my beliefs, or what I have said or why I have said it. If I find I am in the wrong, repentance will be the pathways for healing and revelation. I am never interested in holding my view to the exclusion of what God’s Word is seeking to reveal.

Please understand, I deliberately did not give scripture and verse for everything I said. I figured believers would look them up, or knowledgeable believers would recognize what was being said without the reference. I knew that non-believers would close the book and never get to the end goal, of seeing God, the Creator of all things as the only source of life. As a former street evangelist, crusade preacher and life-time personal soul winner, I have found that I have to find the common ground, and use familiar terminology, just as Paul did, before I can get them to open their hearts and minds.

Be blessed. However much we may disagree, I respect that you have passion!

Jim Richards

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