Monday, April 19, 2010

Your Tribe is Waiting For You

If God has given you a Vision and calling Tribe strategies will help you build it!

The material below is from Tribe Strategies and Seth Godin

TRIBE = A community built around a similar vision, philosophy or interest."

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate." --Seth Godin in Tribes

What is a tribe? (From Tribe Strategies Site)
A social community built around an idea, a vision, a goal, a common interest, a common problem, a unique product or service, to facilitate the sharing of experiences, education, support and encouragement.What do I do with a tribe?
Share your ideas
Expand your vision or dream
Make a positive impact on the world
Interact with others who have common interests, experiences or goals
Sell your product or service
Educate others interested in your subject
Add value to others’ lives
Create a movement

How do I build my tribe?
Social media strategy
Word of mouth
Business cards and email signatures with links to facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter, and your website
Ezine articles leading back to your website
Amazon recommendations
Public talks/seminars/workshops

Blog An overview of the tribe process:Find your tribe -- Determine your niche then spread the word about your tribe, online and in the real world
Gather your tribe -- Put your social web strategy in place and create a virtual meeting place (social website) so your tribe can communicate
Feed your tribe -- Offer free advice, research, ideas. Allow members to share with each other
Trade with your tribe -- Sell your services or products to tribe, exchange information

Check this information out and let God connect you with the Tribe you are called to lead!

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