Monday, March 09, 2009

Prayer Storm for Abba' Glory

This coming week on Wednesday March 11th we would like to have a concentrated time of Prayer for break through for our new ministry, Abba's Glory. We are asking people to join us in Prayer where they are at all over the world during a 12 hour Prayer Storm, beginning Wednesday a 12: 00 noon mountain time and finishing up at midnight that day.

This is the time for break through, destroying the works of darkness and for raising up of the people of God to joyfully and boldly fulfill John 17:22. So that the Glory of the Most High God would sweep away the sleep and apathy from His people and the darkness from those who have not seen the light.
That there might be an open heaven and that God's people would be raised up to accomplish all that Jesus began to do and teach. "Let us put an end to God's people perishing for a lack of intimate knowledge of the most high and His ways."

Please let me know if you will be available join us during this 12 hour prayer storm as we seek to Spring into the fullness of God's will!. What is Abba's Glory and what is it's purpose? Abba's Glory is a ministry designed to fulfill John 17:22 22 I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one: AMP

Abba's Glory seeks to equip and provide resources for those believers who are desperate for more of God, who are passionate about being a part of all that Jesus began to do and teach, who will take up the mantle and towel of the King and fully Embrace His Kingdom!

We are in the process of developing (in Obedience to a prophetic Word God gave me over a one year ago.)
A School of Supernatural Living ( Becoming all that Jesus desires(discipleship) ) and
A School of Supernatural Ministry ( Doing all that Jesus began to do and Teach )(ministry Training for a new Day.)

PRAYER REQUEST That we have the will of God in all things.

1. Spiritual discernment and strategies to see the power of God released upon His people, that they might walk in the revelation of the fullness of the Glory Christ has given us.
2. Where and when we hold meetings and classes, including web classes.
3. Development of a web portal to communicate what we are doing and to link believers to other ministries and multimedia resources so that they might fulfill God's design for their life.
4. Right Relationships with those God desires for the accomplishment of the Vision 5. Resources to accomplish all that God desires according to His Time table.
6. Alignment with those who have a common Vision and who desire to see a mighty army raised up in this generation.

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