Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Joseph Daniel Calling

I have the privilege of knowing a Joseph-Daniel Fore-runner. This is a person who along with the Joseph Daniel calling on His life is called as one who goes before (or sent out before) others with such a calling on their lives. He is not only the one who spies out the land but then must go back and give a report of what is ahead for those who also have this calling on their lives. Now this all sounds very wonderful and magnificent, Oh what a calling!!! Callings this BIG require both great vision and a great sacrificial heart.

Before I go any further let me ask you a few simple questions to put this all in context.

1. What is a Joseph or a Daniel or for that matter a forunner calling?
A. Joseph: He had the coat of many colors and the father’s favor which may have meant a larger share of the inheritance.
B. Daniel: had encounters with angels in his battles in prayer. Did not get hurt in the Lions den.
C. the Fore-runner: the one called to go before, a path finder a path maker! John the Baptist. Eating grasshoppers and dressing in camel hair. A message purified by the wilderness.

2. What preparation does each of these callings demand?
A. Joseph
B. Daniel
C. The Fore-Runner

3. If you are called to one or all of these ministries what should you expect from God, from people and from yourself? What kind of lifestyle does each of these demand?
A. What is a Joseph dreamer and visionary without humility and the experience to make the God given dream come true and in turn bless all who are involved. He did not require harm or vengeance upon those who mistreated him.
B. What is a Daniel without faith to stand in the battle with Angels and trust God in the pit with Lions?
C. What is a (fore-Runner) and what is their ministry? When you cut into new territory, enemy territory you are being cut as well.

You cannot lead where God desires without more of God and less of you. So as you are pruned you will continue to produce an even greater harvest. Now greater here may mean more quality or, more quantity or both. The truth is that each anointed calling requires the death of the flesh and all of the power, authority and influence we may wield and the total dependence on the power and authority of God in our lives.

Jesus himself is our example in this. He relinquished His authority and power yielded to the father’s authority and was empowered by the Holy Spirit so that we might always be able to say;”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and “not my will but yours father.”

1. Do you have a Joseph Daniel calling?
2. Are you willing to pay the price
to make yourself ready for the weight of His Glory in your life?

If not turn back now before it is too late.

If you answer yes than gird yourself for battle and give all you have for the heart of God, the Mind of Christ and the Power of the Spirit!

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Joseph Daniel Calling Morris Ruddick from Arsenal Books at the Link below.
Joseph Daniel Calling by Morris Ruddick

Book Summary
In the face of political instabilities, economic reversals, fear, and uncertainty, Kingdom opportunities not obvious to the world are quietly on the rise. These Kingdom agendas reflect an interlinking of secular enterprises with overriding ministry objectives.

What is emerging is a move of God in the marketplace that will parallel the rise of the parachurch ministry movement of the early fifties. At the forefront of this movement is a group of men and women of God called in the same way as Joseph and Daniel of the Bible. Modern-day Josephs and Daniels will serve strategically as instruments of God’s purpose in secular positions of influence within seats of power of this world. This book addresses the dynamics of this calling, God’s economy, and the preparation, character, and challenges of these uniquely called Josephs and Daniels. Among other agendas, they will be facilitators of the release of the wealth of the wicked into Kingdom initiatives.

Author Profile
MORRIS E. RUDDICK is a business executive, consultant, entrepreneur, missionary, intercessor, conference speaker, board member, and writer. He is at the forefront of mobilizing a unique group of anointed marketplace leaders, referred to as modern-day Josephs and Daniels. As head of a market planning consulting firm serving an array of clients from Fortune 500 firms to respected ministries, his expertise includes business planning, forecasting emerging markets, developing business strategies, funding initiatives, modeling entrepreneurial bypass strategies, and applying principles of biblically based businesses. He was chief architect in two successful corporate turnarounds. His ministry activities target strengthening the brethren in locales ranging from Afghanistan to Israel. But the foundation of both his business and ministry activities is his role in leading a global intercession ministry known as SIGN (Strategic Intercession Global Network), which has as its purpose targeting strategic-level issues impacting the Body on a global basis.

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