Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Revolutionary Kingdom Shift

God is releasing a New Generation of Kingdom Revolutionaries who are leading a major Shift in the battle between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness.

Over the last several years many have said there is a Shift of major proportions coming in the church. A brief look at the several recent books that have been published, such as, The Revolution by George Barna, They Like Jesus but not the Church by Dan Kimball, and talk of having Permission to do Church Differently in the 21st Century by Graham Cook and Gary Goodell all speak to us clearly that The SHIFT is not just coming but already happening.

The continous Shifting (Revival and Renewal) within the Kingdom has facinated me off and on for a long time. The SHIFT (the coming of the Kingdom of God into the kingdom of Satan and man) can be seen in many examples throughout church history.

I believe that an examination of Church history shows that God has been shifting and sifting the Church for over 100 years in significant ways. In fact He has been shifting it for several hundred years and Power shifting it for more than the last 100. With each new wave coming more quickly than the previous one.

When the age of enlightenment began knowledge began to increase among men. Scripture says in the last days knowledge will increase. With each new increase the pace has quickened and with it the enemy has enlarged his efforts to shift people's hearts away from God. God in turn has been shifting His people to respond by releasing His Spirit (life or Kingdom) and with it the Gifts and the Fire of God to cleanse people who follow Him so that they can walk in the knowledge of God and respond to the increasing waves of knowledge with the wisdom and power (the life) of God.

We often see THE SHIFT as a season of change and renewal, a period where Christians have an increased passion and desire to please God and know Him better and where the Holy Spirit operates more noticeably. It is however, more than just and increase in our desire to please God. It is a change in how we do things and why we do things related to the work of God both on a personal and church wide basis.

It is from the Life flow from God (Holy Spirit) that man is made able to respond as God desires to captivate the hearts of people while the world the flesh and the devil seek to captivate them through ever increasing knowledge and self satisfaction. This truth, that knowledge brings carnal satisfaction and fulfills the desire of a person's inner soul needs and wants (while masking the innermost spiritual needs of a person, which are only met as we align our spirit man with God and His purposes) is seen as it springs forth in the attack so cleverly implemented by the Morning Star turned deceiver in the Garden. "You shall not surely die, but you will become as God knowing (knowledge defined by the Greek mind set: one who is aware of both options of a concept) good from evil.

”The truth is that by disobeying God they became partakers of both evil and knew it even as they had been partakers of good and knew it.; one who has awareness gained by participation in evil, but had been partakers of good)

This Greek idea of knowledge, while very much like Lucifer/Satan was also very much un-God like because He (GOD) has never partaken of evil for it is contrary to His nature.

All of this to say YES, The Shift (away from the old wineskins and kingdoms built by man in the name of God) is gaining momentum at this very hour.

May we humble ourselves before God so that we can Shift with God as He releases His Spirit and Fire to bring His message of deliverance salvation, and cleaning accompanied by the working of His mighty power through His signs, wonders and the lives that have been radically changed by Him!

ARTWORK: by William Hallmark

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