Saturday, March 04, 2006

BibleWorks Software

I remember the joy and excitement I felt as Dr. Gary McGee taught my New Testament Greek class at Central Bible College thirty-two years ago. I also remember him reminding us to keep using what we had learned so that we could remain ‘good students of God’s Word’ and that we might be able to help others understand the joy of discovering the beauty of wisdom and life God’s Word held for all who loved God.

Over the years as I have studied, preached and taught God's Word I have rediscovered the joy, the richness and the flavor which I first began to experience in that Greek class, were renewed each time I explored the depth of meaning of God’s Word which is found in the original languages.

Today the BibleWorks software has almost completely replaced the three book shelves of Greek and Hebrew books in my library. It’s easy to use interface and powerful search abilities turn what used to be an all day study into a morning of study. I have been able to reduce research and study times from 8-9 hours to 2-3 hours. The time saved has allowed me more time to bathe my study in prayer and to enjoy a more fruitful time of contemplation, and meditation upon the subject being researched.

You cannot find a more powerful, valuable or easy to use software by which you may bring others deeper into the flavor and depth of God’s Word. If you want a more in depth understanding of this software please click on the link that follows.
Where you will find:

[What is BibleWorks?]
An overview of BibleWorks
[Video introduction]
A video introduction to BibleWorks
[What's new in version 7?]
Screenshots and brief descriptions of the new features and resources in BibleWorks 7
[Full contents of BibleWorks 7]
Full contents of the BibleWorks 7 package
Separate database modules that can be purchased and added to your BibleWorks installation
Reviews, letters, and feedback from BibleWorks users
[System requirements]
The minimum requirements needed to run BibleWorks

For a free color brochure describing BibleWorks 7 ,contact us. To download an electronic version of the brochure, click here (requires the free Acrobat Reader).

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